[1245] Amaran 60x S kit (bi-color) (recommended)


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Includes: Camrade travelMate Large 2-wheel rolling case/backpack, 3x Amaran 60x S COB LED lights w/ reflector, 3x diffusion cloths, 3x tilting stand mounts w/ spigot, 3x power adapters, 3x power cords, space for 3x V-mount batteries (to be ordered separately), 3x D-Tap cables for V-mount battery, 3x V-mount battery clamps, 3x dual NP-F battery plates (work only with both batteries connected), 3x Nanlite LS-186 stands, foldable Aputure Light Dome Mini III softbox w/ diffusion cloth, gold/silver inner baffle reflector and 40° light control grid, 2x 3-socket 5m 5A extension cables (coming soon), 80cm Smallrig 4128 collapsible 5-in-1 reflector