[6130] Panther Roller Plate Dolly kit


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Includes: 2-wheel flight case w/ M8 nut (for securing a roller plate to the case cover), 2x roller plates w/ 4x M8 bolts and 2x washers, 2x twin wheel tire sets w/ 2x M8 bolts, tire set with steering w/ M8 bolt and M10 bolt/washer, drawbar w/ 2x clips, 4x track wheel sets w/ 4x bolts, rear platform w/ 2x M8 bolts, turnstile attachment w/ 3x M8 bolts and 3x M10 bolts, connecting pin, seat extension, seat, 44-76cm adjustable bazooka, bracket w/ 100mm bowl, Allen key set, pliers, pump, manual

No loose bolts, nuts or washers should be lying about in the flight case. After assembling or disassembling, removed bolts must be returned to their original places.
The checklist is on the flight case.